Chorale camp horror

submitted by Girl

This happened to my teacher when she was in the school chorale. She told us this story that happened to freak us really badly. I will use fictional characters to represent pple.

It was the last day of the choir camp, Anna and the rest of the choir members were having a campfire. The misty night was chilly and the fire on the campfire pit was put off. Much to out disappointment, droplets of rain fell. They wanted very much to continue with the fun.

The choir leader, Edward, decided to sacrifice himself and went to buy some matchsticks from the nearby strip of shophouses.

On his way back, he realised that he had to hurry as the members were all waiting for his return. To his amazement, he saw a man walking in front of him. That man was wearing a red turtleneck and long slacks. Feeling puzzled, he quickened his pace to take a peek at him. What he saw was horrifying, the man has no eyes, no nose, practically no face features. His head was a shape of an egg and he was bald. Edward nearly fainted. He just ran on and on and on.

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