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HAve U Ever REMEmber DAt UR gRAnDpArenTS or PArenTS uSed to TEll YoU THAt When A pErson Died,HIS Soul Eill REtuRn After SevEn DAys..HOwever tIS StoRy IS TRuE....

AroUND MAny YEArs BAck,My Father Died iN A CAr AccIDent And we Were All DePrESsed oVEr TIS Event...& TiMe pAssES FAst,Seven DAys OF hIS DEAth ArriVED...We MAke opREPAration LIKe ScAttering Flour on THE Floor to See Whether THEre iS FootPRinTS & A BOWl OF Soup For THe GuArds to Have tHAnkING them For bRiNGinG Him Here...We were all Alseep When we HEArd the Sound OF FOOTSteps...We JUSt Shut our EYEs & Sleep..

THe nExt mORning,When We WAke up,ClEAr FootPRinTS CoulD BE Seen & THe Soup Were LEFt With HAlf oNly..Some MAy THiNk ITS EvApORAtion,but WAtH Abt THe pIEcES OF mEAt In THe SoUp?ITS GoNE...I Write tIS TRuE STORy NoT To jUZ Scared AnIBODy BUt LEt u nOE DAt I REAlly LOVe mY Dad & I HOPE To USe tIS StoRy To REmEmBE HIm Forever.....

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